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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex condition, in Australia studies show this condition effects around 10% of childbearing age women.  Signs and symptoms for each woman varies, no two cases are identical therefore treatment is varied and is usually based on the individual’s symptoms.   At this stage PCOS is not fully understood and there is no cure for the condition, however there are additional health considerations, such as heart disease – which should not be ignored.

PCOS should not be viewed as a condition which ‘just is’ and left unmanaged.  External, physical signs may appear in some women such as skin tabs, darkened skin in bodily creases and excess of body hair;   there are various options/ treatments for some of these signs.   However, internal symptoms can manifest over time and when unmanaged, can begin to cause additional health concerns.

Dr Joham, an Endocrinologist at Monash University published a paper that discusses their study of 9,145 women in which they looked at the link between PCOS and asthma.  The study showed that those women who had PCOS and an increased BMI also suffered increased asthma symptoms. His research paper was presented in Boston at ENDO 2016.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is associated with an irregular menstrual cycle or a cycle which stops altogether.  Therefore, eggs cannot be released as they should, not only does this effect infertility but it can also cause the lining of the uterus to thicken over time and this can lead to an increased risk of additional health concerns in some women,  such as cancer.   In those women that experience irregular cycles, a contraceptive pill maybe prescribed to help regulate the cycle.  Your medical practitioner will be able to advise you if this is suitable for you. PCOS is also associated with insulin resistance, this needs to be carefully monitored as studies show there is a strong  link between PCOS and the development of diabetes, especially in those women who have a family history of the disease.

Current recommendations for PCOS include a healthy lifestyle and optimal weight management, as studies show that increased BMI has been linked to PCOS.  Regular exercise inline with the Australian Heart Foundation guidelines of thirty minutes of walking per day plus two to three sessions of  ‘vigorous’ exercise per week in addition to healthy eating.  Both of these combined will help to maintain a healthy visceral fat rating, BMI and waist measurement – to best manage your polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms.

Speak to your medical practitioner about the options available for you.    Click here to access Westmead Hospital Information Sheet, which has been published by the Department of Women’s & Newborn Health.  This guide is really useful, contains detailed information and contacts to assist your further.

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Mothers & Newborn Department – PCOS Information Guide

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You Have Got This!


With only ten weeks to Spring, it’s important to think about your leverage and goals as we power towards another Summer and Christmas break. These seem to be rolling around faster and faster each year :-0

Don’t overwhelm yourself and/ or set yourself up for disappointment, break it down in chunks. There is six months between now and Christmas, what do you need to do to achieve your goals and what are you prepared to do to achieve them? That is the real question? Health and fitness is not all about the six pack, remember cardiovascular health is vital for a long and healthy life. The Heart Foundation recommends a healthy lifestyle includes on average five exercise sessions per week for optimum fitness, and two of these should include strength sessions to meet the recommended bone mineral density levels to help prevent osteoporosis and maintain muscle strength for everyday functionality and mobility.

Sadly, one in two men and one in three women die of heart disease each year; obesity, high blood pressure, lack of exercise and high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease (a silent killer). Regular exercise, giving an honest intensity to elevate your heart rate and eating a healthy, wholesome diet containing limited packaged and processed foods – will help you achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that slow and progressive lifestyle changes ensure your are able to maintain healthy eating and remain within a healthy weight range. Fast ‘transformations’ and extreme diets which eliminate whole food groups are not sustainable and in some cases, can cause nutritional deficiencies. Often, the weight increases again within twelve to twenty-four months. So, break it down in chunks and give it your best shot – you deserve it. A couple of kilos a month is manageable and importantly maintainable.

What are your goals? Use the goal sheet attached and send it to me, I would love to see what your goals are and give you some tips of achieving them.  Click here for your ‘Goals’ sheet.

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5 Tips to Stay Motivated as Winter Sets In..

exercise in winter


5 Tips to Stay Motivated as Winter Sets In..

Staying motivated as the colder weather sets in, is important  not only for weight management but also for our mental health.  Maintaining a good routine helps to establish long term success, not only in fitness but also other aspects of our life.  Maintaining a good fitness and health routine should be looked at as a long term investment to ensure you have a full and active life. Once the colder weather sets in, many people find it difficult to maintain a solid routine to workout.  Listed below are my five top tips to stay motivated as the cooler weather sets in..


1/ Mindset: Eliminate the word ‘try!’  Using the word try – indicates no commitment.  You are giving yourself an opt out button. For example – ‘I will try and workout twice a week for a couple of weeks and see how I go.’

In this sentence you haven’t committed at all to improving your health and fitness by  exercising. What you have done is given yourself an ‘expiry date’ in a couple of weeks to opt out – guilt free.

Eliminate the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary and just commit.  Commit to improving your health, commit to losing weight, commit to choosing healthy meal options 80/20% of the time and commit to following through.  Always ask yourself – ‘did I really do my best?’   This will result in success.

2/ Goal:  Have a goal, this is really important. And I don’t just mean a vague rough ended type of goal, but a goal that is measurable and progressive.  Events are great for this.  Grab a few friends and sign up for an event together, ensure you give yourself time to prepare.  Having something like the event that you have signed up for,  gives you something to work towards. This is very motivating and gives you a sense of achievement once completed- it is a real buzz!  Be specific with other goals, as winter approaches perhaps you have a pair of jeans you want to fit into or you want to be able to do a push up on your toes and / or you want to be able to increase your fitness enough so you can smash out 60 sec of mountain climbers without stopping.  These are all measurable and progressive.  These small steps and successes which help to keep you motivated and moving forward.

journal3/ Lock it in:  Scheduling your workout for the week and writing out your meal plan is an important 20 min task that you should do every week as apart of your routine.   Look at your diary, schedule in your workouts for the week and lock them in – just like an appointment or work meeting.  These should be booked in and everything else should be worked around them.   Routine and consistency are the key components to developing new habits which, with positive habitual changes come lifestyle changes.  Maintaining routine also develops momentum, therefore the wheels are less likely to come off your wagon, and if one does – it usually is just one and it is repaired quickly and you are back on track in no time.  Therefore, plan ahead,  lock in your workouts and plan your meals, this will have you prepared and on track making super healthy meal choices and maintaining your exercise routine.

4/ Fun:  Get that fun-o-meter up to 100%!  Choose a venue which offers variety and not the same track and matching workout each week with a new variation every month or so.  Not only is this boring physically and mentally, but the body is not challenged and without a challenge the body will not change.  Switching it up is keeps things fresh and fun.. Find a venue that takes the time to prepare a new workouts, each week.

Girls group in a gym

5/ Support each other:  As a trainer, I love to see my clients supporting and cheering on each other.  Whether it is getting through that last pyramid round of burpees and/or  rope slams or even in spin class during tag races.   It is important for women to feel supported and encouraged – not a number but someone special and valued.  Support your workout buddies and enjoy feeling great.  Exercise is not meant to be a chore, it is something to be enjoyed and make you feel stronger and more energetic.

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from lacing up and working out, keep up your routines and when Spring arrives and those shorts come of hibernation – you will be proud of yourself.

Click on My Weekly Planner to access your free weekly planner which you can use to plan your week in advance, be organised and prepared.  

Donna Smith

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Define Me – A Personalised LIVE Online PT Service

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It’s funny that something that seems so simple, such as losing weight, is in actual fact a difficult road to travel. And as we age, it becomes even more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

Many clients ask ‘Why is that? Why is it so difficult.’ Well there are many components to successful weight loss and healthy weight management and sometimes it is not so simple.  And, for most women there is more more than one puzzle piece missing to that answer.

The Free 2B Me Fitness program ‘Define Me Online PT program’ – takes twenty unique and special ladies through an individualised and detailed program covering all of the facets of making healthy lifestyle changes, achieving weight loss goals and maintaining healthy weight loss.   The program takes ladies through eight weeks of individualised care covering all five steps to achieving weight loss and management. ‘Define Me’ is delivered through our fully interactive virtual online studio which is not pre- loaded with content, it is LIVE. Live training sessions (including boxing, HIIT, strength, circuit and lots more), support groups, motivational classes and seminars, specialist talks and exercise  plans and nutritional support to get you back on track and achieving your goals.

Define Me Online PT’ – is not a quick fix magic spell, nor is it a generic plan that after the program ends, we lose contact with you.  Our program is designed and proven to achieve weight loss, body transformation, healthy lifestyle changes and long term management. Our program has been carefully designed by a Specialist Trainer to suit you and your needs. The program was designed by a mother of three, consideration and compassion in understanding the difficulties that are associated with the balancing act of a family, work/ study,  taking care of yourself and most importantly, correct and safe training techniques for a women at various life stages.

Being healthy and fit is not all about how big your six pack is, which unfortunatly is the message several programs portray. Being fit and healthy is about self awareness, healthy lifestyle choices, feeling strong, good mobility and flexible to enjoy all the things you love without aches and pains, mindful meal choices, regular exercise workouts designed for your shape and ability and enjoying long levity.

The ‘Define Me Online PT’ program runs each term and unlike many other programs which sell unlimited places, we only offer twenty places so we can design and individualise each ladies program with detail and then deliver the program LIVE.

Ladies who register in the ‘Define Me Online PT’ program firstly receive a consult online to discuss your needs and pre-screen and the goals you want to achieve.  Then your personalised 8 week  program will be designed and prepared for to commence week by week, which will cover all five steps to achieving successful weight loss and healthy weight management over each of the bodies three stages. Exercise plans, nutritional support, tip and recipes, support group sessions and motivational classes with your trainer and of course –  fitter, stronger and healthier version of you – giving you more confidence and energy!

Designed and delivered by a registered Australian Fitness Professional, a qualified Specialist Trainer

A new you for only $95.00.

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