Pre/ Post Natal & Pelvic Floor Health


Pre/ Post Natal & Pelvic Floor Health : 

Pelvic floor health should commence whilst pregnant to help strengthen the pelvic girdle and prevent dysfunction following birth.

Safe pelvic floor exercise modifications requires careful planning and consideration for each woman depending on her stage of pregnancy, followed by her individual birth and recovery experience.

1 in 3 women suffer from weakened pelvic floor and /or stress leakage following child birth.  The severity can differ greatly and is based on many varying factors.  Certain exercises and training programs can further worsen the weakened  pelvic floor and if prolonged in some cases, can result in a pelvic organ prolapse.

We offer Post Natal & Pelvic Floor Health Specialist Personal Training programs to provide women with safe and effective tools, exercise programs and at home support to help them understand and rehabilitate their pelvic floor muscles while returning to exercise.  The program focuses on safe post natal exercise in the context of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and understanding their function,  strengthening these muscles and implementing individualised  exercise programs designed to help you live a ‘leak-free’ life whilst enjoying exercise.

Specialist Personal Training sessions are one on one sessions at $35 per session and are term based.   Private Health rebates, may apply – please enquire about this.  The sessions incorporate Remedial Pilates, Specialised Advanced Pre/ Post Natal Exercise where approapiate and Pelvic Floor recovery programs to help you gain confidence again, help ease pelvic floor weakness symptoms and provide you with further knowledge and education about how to care for your pelvic floor girdle. Allied Health Professional referrals are provided when necessary.   We work along side  AHPs to provide our clients with the upmost care and guidance.

Allow 30 minutes for the session.

*Please see the Specialist Personal Training tab to view all of the inclusive benefits.

Specialist Pre/ Post Natal & Pelvic Floor Recovery Training:

$35 per session over 10 week term block.  Please contact us for available appointment times.

You don’t have to suffer quietly with each cough or sneeze,  pelvic floor help is available.