Women’s Pelvic Health

Pelvic Floor Health:

1 in 3 women suffer from weakened pelvic floor stress leakage following child birth.  The severity can differ greatly and is based on many varying factors.  Certain exercises and training programs can worsen the pelvic floor and if prolonged stress leakage can worsen and in some cases, can result in a prolapse.

Pelvic Floor Health educational programs inform women about their pelvic floor muscles and can help to strengthen these muscles, which can help with stress leakage concerns – leaving you to enjoy your day to day activities without any accidents.

Learning how to isolate the correct muscles is important and also, learning which exercises are safe to perform after the birth of your baby will also help you protect your pelvic floor muscles from prolapse.

Exercise and pelvic floor weakness, is something that should be considered carefully when returning to exercise. Not all forms of exercise are suitable for women with a weakened pelvic floor. It is very important to ensure you have had your eight week post natal check up and received the all clear from your Doctor before returning to exercise.

Exercises to avoid include:

*Tuck jumps


*Sit ups

*Jumping ( all jumping; burpees, star jumps etc)

Specialist trainers with qualifications in post natal and pelvic floor exercise, can help modify these exercises for safe variations.

Pelvic Floor Education:

Pelvic Floor Education is beneficial for all women, pelvic floor training during pregnancy is essential to ensure you protect these muscles leading up to the birth.   Post natal pelvic floor programs play a vital role in your overall Post natal recovery.  Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles following your child’s birth can help prevent leakage and in some cases, help to prevent a prolapse from occurring.

As women age the pelvic floor muscles naturally become weaker therefore, it is important for women to understand the location and function of these muscles, correct activation and practice regular pelvic floor exercises to help prevent weakened leakage during the senior years.

To obtain more information on pelvic floor health, call Donna on 0413 805552 for your free PF Recovery Kit. 

*Donna is a registered AUSREP, registered Exercise Professional Lv 3 with Fitness Australia. Donna holds a Dip of Fitness (Specialist / Rehab Trainer), certified in  Post Natal exercise and Pelvic Floor Programming and Remedial Pilates.