How to Make Those New Years Resolutions Stick!


Do you get caught in a rutt, each year – making New Years resolutions that just don’t seem to stick?  January 1st rolls around and after the fireworks settle, you announce your news resolution to friends and family and then by Easter, all seems to have been lost out of the closet window.

I have a tip for you that will make all the difference, not only will you achieve your New Years resolutions, but you will achieve more than one!

And how?  Rather than make one New Years resolution for the year on January 1st each year, (which for many people is a really broad ‘I want to lose weight’ resolution) break it down in chucks.   So, on January 1st make your goals for that month, and then build on that in February, and then build on that for March and so forth.  Each month set yourself a:

  1. Personal Goal,
  2. Work Goal &
  3. Health and Fitness Goal.

Don’t be broad, be specific and note down definitive goals.  Then, next to each one, list three steps required to achieve each goal.  One goal each.

Each morning revisit these goals, ensure you are are on track to achieve this months goals.  Make each 1st of the month page in your diary a vision board for that month, this will help motivate you and keep you accountable for your choices.


(This is my January 1st page, focused on remaining organised once the kids return to school, during their sport days, cutting 10 sec off my rowing sets and booking in two new seminar dates for the following month)

On the last day of January, assess your progress, your achievements and then write your goals for February following the same format listed above.  Then design a vision board for that month.  Spend the time on it and really think about what is important to you and think about your priories. What you will commit to in order to achieve them?

Complete this step by step for each month of the year, and WOW how awesome will it be, how fantastic will you feel when you have achieved not one, but several goals throughout 2018!

Break it down, chuck by chunk and be specific.  Step by step and day by day and work towards achieving those goals.

Donna x0x

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