Exercise During Pregnancy:

Specialised Class- Post and Pre Natal Exercise & Pilates.

Pre / Post Natal Exercise:

Exercise during pregnancy is not about being able to run a marathon nor should it be about taking up a new sport at a high intensity. Specialised  pre and post natal exercise has many benefits in a woman’s overall fitness program.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy include both physical and mental aspects, including:

  1. General fitness maintained throughout the pregnancy ensures an easier transition back into an exercise program post birth. A higher level of fitness can also be very beneficial during the labor process.
  2. Self awareness, self esteem, self image are all very important issues for women both pre/ post natal. An increase of hormones, fatigue and body shape changes can effect a pregnant women and her emotional state. Exercising during pregnancy helps to ensure the woman feels healthy for her baby and herself. Exercise classes also ensure she mixes socially with others in her normal day to day routine.
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight gain is important for normal foetal growth and development. Regular exercise can help maintain this.
  4.  As the centre of gravity alters during pregnancy due to the weight gain increase and the body shape changes, which occur to accommodate the developing baby -it is really important to maintain good posture. A good posture also helps to ensure less pressure is placed on the lower back causing muscular pain.
  5. Strong core stabilising muscles help to prevent instability in the pelvis during pregnancy which can cause lower back pain and sciatica.
  6. Pelvic Floor exercises help to prevent excessive pelvic floor weakness following the birth.

It is important to speak to your Doctor before commencing an exercise program during pregnancy.  Once cleared by your GP, participating in regular pre/ post natal specialised classes delivered by a registered fitness professional who is qualified in pre/ postnatal exercise  can benefit you are your baby.

Free 2B Me Fitness 4 Women offers specialised pre/ post natal exercise and Pilates classes for women, capped at six ladies per class for personal care.

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