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It’s funny that something that seems so simple, such as losing weight, is in actual fact a difficult road to travel. And as we age, it becomes even more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

Many clients ask ‘Why is that? Why is it so difficult.’ Well there are many components to successful weight loss and healthy weight management and sometimes it is not so simple.  And, for most women there is more more than one puzzle piece missing to that answer.

The Free 2B Me Fitness program ‘Define Me Online PT program’ – takes twenty unique and special ladies through an individualised and detailed program covering all of the facets of making healthy lifestyle changes, achieving weight loss goals and maintaining healthy weight loss.   The program takes ladies through eight weeks of individualised care covering all five steps to achieving weight loss and management. ‘Define Me’ is delivered through our fully interactive virtual online studio which is not pre- loaded with content, it is LIVE. Live training sessions (including boxing, HIIT, strength, circuit and lots more), support groups, motivational classes and seminars, specialist talks and exercise  plans and nutritional support to get you back on track and achieving your goals.

Define Me Online PT’ – is not a quick fix magic spell, nor is it a generic plan that after the program ends, we lose contact with you.  Our program is designed and proven to achieve weight loss, body transformation, healthy lifestyle changes and long term management. Our program has been carefully designed by a Specialist Trainer to suit you and your needs. The program was designed by a mother of three, consideration and compassion in understanding the difficulties that are associated with the balancing act of a family, work/ study,  taking care of yourself and most importantly, correct and safe training techniques for a women at various life stages.

Being healthy and fit is not all about how big your six pack is, which unfortunatly is the message several programs portray. Being fit and healthy is about self awareness, healthy lifestyle choices, feeling strong, good mobility and flexible to enjoy all the things you love without aches and pains, mindful meal choices, regular exercise workouts designed for your shape and ability and enjoying long levity.

The ‘Define Me Online PT’ program runs each term and unlike many other programs which sell unlimited places, we only offer twenty places so we can design and individualise each ladies program with detail and then deliver the program LIVE.

Ladies who register in the ‘Define Me Online PT’ program firstly receive a consult online to discuss your needs and pre-screen and the goals you want to achieve.  Then your personalised 8 week  program will be designed and prepared for to commence week by week, which will cover all five steps to achieving successful weight loss and healthy weight management over each of the bodies three stages. Exercise plans, nutritional support, tip and recipes, support group sessions and motivational classes with your trainer and of course –  fitter, stronger and healthier version of you – giving you more confidence and energy!

Designed and delivered by a registered Australian Fitness Professional, a qualified Specialist Trainer

A new you for only $95.00.

The next Define Me program kick starts on Monday 1st May, with limited places remaining you can secure your place texting Donna 0413 805552. Free Yourself today and let me help you achieve your goals! 

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