School Lunches Made Super Easy!


Here we go!  Another school year is about to kick off.  This time of year is really hectic for many women, not just mums.  Women returning to work after a holiday, returning to university / study and those finishing study and entering the full time work force for the very first time.   For those women with children, January is the time that becomes a little crazy – booklists, uniforms, parent / teacher interviews, school shoes and so forth.  For me, it’s a big year as my daughter is starting year 12, eldest son commences senior school (year 10) and my baby starts high school. :-(.   I do very clearly remember when they started prep and the emotional roller coaster that conjured up inside of me!  So, todays post is especially for you :-).

Starting school for the first time is so scary for  little ones and parents.  A few of my clients  have commented that they were stressing over their little ones starting school because they had no idea what to pack in their school lunches each day.

Therefore, I have put together this super easy, ‘cheat sheet’ to help you get started.  Click here to download the pdf or print.

Try and keep it simple and remember  it will be sitting in a lunchbox for hours before being eaten.  So foods such as tomato on sandwiches doesn’t work to well and is best avoided.  In warmer months; cold packs, frozen juice boxes and water bottles work well and in cooler months; pasta in thermos jars are great!

The one tip that will help get through your morning easier, is prep!  Prep snacks and lunch boxes in advance, leaving the sandwich or roll to make up fresh the morning before school.   After a few days, you will become a master at it. :-).