18 April 2017 / Blog

Busy Schedule Lifeline..

A busy mum is constantly on the go. Kids school lunches, school drop offs, meetings at school, school pickup, sport...
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28 February 2017 / Blog

Breakfast Smoothies

Wholely Foods Breakfast Smoothies: I was so delighted when Natasha of Wholey Foods sent her breakfast smoothies for me to try. I...
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20 February 2017 / Blog

Combating Bloat..

  Combating Bloat: Many women often comment that they feel bloated. Does this happen to you? There are a few...
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2 February 2017 / Blog

Happy Chemicals.

  We all know that exercise increases our cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle tone, the correct type of exercise will help...
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17 January 2017 / Blog

Setting Goals That You Can Achieve.

Setting new goals is always the easy part, however ensuring you achieve your goals can be not so easy. So...
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3 January 2017 / Blog

The Weight Loss Puzzle

The weight loss puzzle includes more than just exercise. As we all know, a large part of the puzzle includes...
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22 November 2016 / Blog

12 Days of Christmas SPECIAL

Wow, hasn't the year flown by?  Now the countdown is on for Christmas celebrations. It is a hectic time, as...
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3 November 2016 / Blog

Remedial Pilates

Remedial Pilates: Remedial Pilates is based on classical Pilates which has been specifically designed for injury rehabilitation, improving posture, lengthening...
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11 October 2016 / Blog

Burn Baby Burn

Have you been exercising and dieting and you just can't seem to lose those last few kilos? There are a...
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15 August 2016 / Blog

Revving up your weight loss with Indoor Cycling.

Revving up your weight loss with indoor cycling classes can have you shredding the kilos and toning your legs and...
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