Qualified Registered Specialist Female Trainer

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Free 2B Me Fitness offers boutique services especially for women.   We focus on improving the health and fitness of all of our members, regardless of age and ability. We are not a gym and we don’t believe that one size fits all, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.  Whether you are returning to exercise after having a baby, recovering from illness / injury, perhaps you are starting exercise for the first time, if you are wanting to increase your fitness and shed a few kilos, or perhaps you just simply want to feel more energised, confident and sleep better – whatever your goals maybe, we can help you achieve them in a caring, supportive and welcoming environment.

Our studio offer specialised training, caring for each women as an individual.

Free 2B Me Fitness offers a positive, rewarding and inclusive training experience for all women. We also understand how busy you are, therefore we love to keep things simple.  We offer specialised personal training programs in:

  • Weight Loss,
  • Specialised Personal Training,
  • Pre/ Post Natal  Health & Pelvic Floor Recovery,
  • Remedial Pilates – Personal Training 1 on 1 session,
  • PLUS; Events, Adventure Hikes and Retreats.

Towels, fruit, iced tea are all part of the boutique Free 2B Me Fitness experience.

Our focus is on ensuring our members achieve their health and fitness goals within a supportive and welcoming studio.

We are loads of fun!

We are loads of fun!



Individual care and attention.